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7 references related to the following plant

Official name: Globularia alypum L.
Family: Plantaginaceae

Reference A1 Nord
Author: Allali H., H. Benmehdi, M.A. Dib, B. Tabti, S. Ghalem & N. Benabadji
Title: Phytotherapy of Diabetes in West Algeria Asian Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 20, No. 4, 2701-2710 (2008)
Symptoms: H(171)
Recipes: H(171) diabetes, A big cup of leaves decoction and small amount of sugar Once day VO.
Region: North Africa
Country: West Algeria
Vernacular name: chebra

Reference B7 Nord
Author: Bellakhdar, J., R. Claisse, J. Fleurentin & C. Younos
Title: Repertory of standard herbal drugs in the Moroccan pharmacopoea Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 35, pp. 123 - 143 (1991)
Symptoms: H(006), H(171)
Recipes: H(006) laxative, H(171) hypoglycaemic, leaves of Globularia alypum, RNS.
Region: North Africa
Country: Moroco
Vernacular name: 'ayn lerneb

Reference B8 Nord
Author: Boudjelal, A., C. Henchiri, M. Sari , D. Sarri , N. Hendel, A. Benkhaled , G. Ruberto
Title: Herbalists and wild medicinal plants in M'Sila (North Algeria): An ethnopharmacology survey Journal of Ethnopharmacology 148, 395–402 (2013)
Symptoms: H(014), H(135), H(171), H(194)
Recipes: H(014, 3) eczema, H(135, 3) digestive disorders, H(171, 3) antidiabetic, H(194, 3) leishmanicidal, infusion, decoction of flowered tops of Globularia alypum, RNS.
Region: North Africa
Country: North Algeria (region of M'Sila)
Vernacular name: tesslegha

Reference HB 57
Author: Bouzabata Amel
Title: Traditional treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes in Souk Ahras District Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy Vol. 5(1), pp. 12-20, January 2013
Symptoms: H(006), H(007), H(171)
Recipes: H(006) purgative, H(007) depurative, H(171) hypoglycemic, leaves, flowers of Globularia alypum, RNS.
Region: North Africa
Country: Algérie (Souk Ahras District)
Vernacular name: tasselgha

Reference N2 Nord
Author: De Natale, A. Pollio
Title: A forgotten Collection: the Libyan Ethnobotanical exhibits (1912-14) by A. Trotter at the Museum O. Comes at the University Federico II of Naples, Italy Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine , 8:4 (2012)
Symptoms: H(006), H(013), H(051)
Recipes: H(006) laxative, against H(051) intermittent fièvres, feuilles et branches, décoction
H(013) topiquely in the cure of furuncles
Region: North Africa
Country: Libya
Vernacular name: zréga, zrga (arab); taselrha? (berber); tidi-n-tenet (tuaregh)

Reference R2 Nord
Author: Rachid, A., D.Rabah, L. Farid, S. F. Zohra, B. Houcine and B. Nacéra
Title: Ethnopharmacological survey of medicinal plants used in the traditional treatment of diabetes mellitus in the North Western and South Western Algeria Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 6(10), pp. 2041-2050, 16 March, 2012
Symptoms: H(171)
Recipes: H(171, 2) diabetes mellitus, leaves, decoction, infusion, VO.
Region: North Africa
Country: North Western and South Western Algeria
Vernacular name: aïn larneb, tasselgha (Popular name)

Reference S1 Nord
Author: Sarri, M., N. Hendel, A. Boudjelal and D. Sarri
Title: Inventory of medicinal plants used for traditional treatment of eczema in the region of Hodna (M'Sila-Algeria) GJRMI, Volume 1, Issue4, 97 - 100 ( 2012)
Symptoms: H(014)
Recipes: H(014) eczema, decoction of the whole plant, RNS.
Region: North Africa
Country: Algeria (region of Hodna)
Vernacular name: Tesselgha (Arabic)