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2 references related to the following plant

Official name: Heteropyxis natalensis Harv.
Family: Heteropyxidaceae

Reference HA 22
Author: Arnold, H.-J. & M. Gulumian
Title: Pharmacopoeia of traditional medicine in Venda. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 12, pp. 35 -74, (1984)
Symptoms: H(101)
Recipes: H(101) menorrhagia, roots of Heteropyxis natalensis, RNS. (registered from reference HS 32 (Journal of Ethnopharmacology 86 (2003) 97–108))
Region: South Africa
Country: South Africa
Vernacular name: mudedede (Vhavenda), lavender tree (English)

Reference HS 36
Author: Stayt, H.
Title: The Bavenda. Frank Cass & Co. Ltd, London (1968)
Symptoms: H(201)
Recipes: H(201)drug for woman with physical defect, roots of Heteropyxis natalensis of Artabotrys brachypetalus, RNS
Region: South Africa
Country: South Africa (Venda country)
Vernacular name: mudedede (Venda)