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Cooperation around education

The RMCA and the Museum of Lubumbashi

Cooperation around education

mnl.jpgThe Royal Museum for Central Africa has an ongoing cooperative relationship with the Musée National de Lubumbashi (CDR), both on scientific and museological grounds and in education. This teamwork is being funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

The educational departments of the two museums have been working together since 2003 to set up an educational program for the schoolchildren of Lubumbashi. Today, the Museum is clearly a pole for education and development.

Since 2006 the children and young people of Lubumbashi have an opportunity to participate in three workshops aimed at sensitizing them to themes directly connected with the Congolese situation and which meet the needs of teachers and students. These workshops are: EcologyUnity in diversity and Congo. Nature & Culture.

Given the difficulties experienced by the Congo at present, young people and their teachers suffer from a lack of recent scientific, educational and teaching materials. The Museum’s educational workshops not only emphasize the value of the Congolese heritage, they also help to circulate information and to sensitize young people to themes that touch them directly.









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