Museum Dwellers

Photos by Jo Van de Vijver

(23 September - 31 August 2012)

jovdvijverAs of 23 September 2011 around twenty photos taken in the museum’s cellars by our house photographer Jo Van de Vijver will be on display in the Okapi Room and museum café. A part of the collections is kept in the vaults and several thousand mounted animals and animal skeletons can be found there.

In a first series of portrays the animals look like they are going to spring back to life. The perspective used and the delicate play of focus and shadow in which the photographer proves himself to be a real master, have bestowed the animals with almost human expressions.
A second series of photos displays the animals as study objects. The photographer records and passes comment. In so doing he adds a supplementary layer to the rich history of the museum, thus conserving it all the better for the future.

Practical info
Museum Dwellers. Photos by Jo Van de Vijver
From 23 September 2011 until 8 July 2012
In the Okapi Room and museum café
Included in the museum entry price

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