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Jacky Maniacky

Cultural anthropology & history

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Title:Bantu Lexical Reconstructions
Description:BLR 3 is a database with ca. 10,000 entries that have been proposed as Proto-Bantu reconstructions. BLR 3 is meant to be a working tool for Bantuists and other linguists. The last version was edited by Yvonne Bastin and Thilo C. Schadeberg... Yvonne Bastin is currently (2008) preparing an update in collaboration with Koen Bostoen and Jacky Maniacky
Duration: begin : 2009
Staff: Koen Bostoen
Jacky Maniacky
Maud Devos
Anneleen Van der Veken
Jenneke Van der Wal
Phone:32 2 769 5673
External partners:Yvonne Bastin (pensionnée, MRAC)
Thilo Schadeberg (pensionné, University of Leiden)
Website: http://www.metafro.be/collections/blr/base_view

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