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Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren - Belgium
Tel. (+32) 02 769 52 11
Fax (+32) 02 769 52 42


Our partners

The museum can rely on the support of several partners.

Philippe de Moerloose partners with the Royal Museum for Central Africa

demoerloose.jpgIt is with great pleasure that the Royal Museum for Central Africa welcomes its new partnership with Mr Philippe de Moerloose, a major Belgian entrepreneur who currently leads the SDA/SDAI and African Equities holdings. Mainly directed towards Africa where he grew, evolving personally and professionally in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than twenty-five years, Philippe de Moerloose is now a special partner of the Royal Museum for Central Africa which will reopen its doors to the public in Summer 2018 after several years of renovation.
Mr de Moerloose will be a Royal Museum of Central Africa sponsor through the end of 2018. Throughout this time, he will contribute to the publication of several works in the "MRAC Collection" as exclusive co-publisher. The first publication, entitled "NSWO – Statuary and Religion from South-Western Democratic Republic of Congo" from Julien Volper, will be issued in the second quarter of 2016. The Museum will also have the great pleasure of welcoming Mr de Moerloose as a partner for the re-opening events in Summer 2018.

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Other partners

The National Lottery remains one of the RMCA’s major sponsors. Likewise, the National Bank of Belgium has committed to providing financial support for the renovation project.

The museum’s closing event was enthusiastically supported by several of the museum’s long-term partners: Daddy Kate communication and design; Aeolus, specializing in the distribution of flyers and posters for cultural events, and the printers Peeters and Burocad.

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