Biological collection and data management

***While the museum building is closed for
renovation, scientific research will continue at Tervuren.***

biolcollectionsThe service focuses on questions regarding the development, documentation, accessibility, consultation, and preservation of biological collections. Specific areas include the collections of African invertebrates and invertebrates. Its activities mainly involve the development of tools to facilitate research in taxonomy and comparative anatomy based on the RMCA collections, as well as knowledge dissemination through training programmes in collections management.

A significant portion of the service’s work consists of digitising the collections and encoding data into a unique system that is accessible online. The service also develops protocols to ensure optimal preservation of newly acquired specimens from scientific expeditions, so that they can be used in new research techniques, and molecular research in particular.

RMCA is an essential reference centre with extensive documentation comprising unique data in the area of natural sciences. The service works with the heads of the research services to coordinate the consultation of these data.

The service also represents the RMCA in all international projects deemed relevant to the institution.

Research is an integral part of the service’s activities. Such research is conducted in close collaboration with the Invertebrates and Vertebrates services.

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