***While the museum building is closed for
renovation, scientific research will continue at Tervuren.***

biologyAfrica harbors an immense diversity of species and ecosystems of global importance. The Biology department is a research and knowledge centre. Researchers manage an extensive collection of afrotropical organisms, and conduct research at an international level both on collection specimens and in their natural environment in order to attain a better understanding of African biodiversity.

They study the taxonomy and phylogeny of different vertebrate and invertebrate groups, and investigate the role of trees and animals in different ecosystems. Using molecular techniques, scientists also gather genetic information.

All contribute to enhancing and disseminating knowledge about African biodiversity through different channels like publications, web based and open access databases, and training sessions. A large emphasis is on knowledge transfer and exchange with our African partners.

The department includes four services:


Also read the RMCA annual report 2016 (pdf - 15 MB), or a detailled report of the Biology departement (pdf - 2,5 MB).


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