Archives and Collection Management

***Bien que le bâtiment du musée soit fermé pour rénovation,
les activités de recherche scientifique continuent à Tervuren.***

collectionsCollection acquisition and management are among the key roles of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. The service manages the physical collections of the Cultural Anthropology and History Department: ethnographic, ethnomusicological and historical objects and visual material and the historical and institutional archives.

It ensures the integrity of these collections and archives, both physically and in terms of content, using procedures specific to the various areas of collection management: recording, documentation, conservation, restoration, accessibility, mobility and collection development.

The service consists of three units, each with specific roles:

  • the Conservation Unit is responsible for the physical management of collections: conservation, restoration, storage management and climate control, combating pests, monitoring loans, etc.;
  • the Information Management Unit organises the cataloguing of collections and archives (basic registration, digitisation, database management);
  • the Services and Administration Unit focuses primarily on loans, requests for reproductions and visitor reception.

For more information about the RMCA’s collections, visit the Collections section.

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