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Expo Africamuseum@matonge 2015

As part of the Congolisation festival

Temporary exhibition
(17 January 2015 - )




As part of the Congolisation festival, the Royal Museum for Central Africa is organising a pop-up event in Matonge.

For Africamuseum@matonge2015, shopkeepers from Matonge were asked to select a photo from the 1950s from the museum archives that related to their shop and to display it in their window.

The pictures were taken by Belgian and Congolese press photographers working for the Belgian colonial propaganda service, and document the emergence of an urban culture in Congo. The fine ladies and gentlemen of those days who are given pride of place in the boutiques of Matonge prefigure vibrant Leopoldville’s development into exuberant Kinshasa!


> View the map of participating retailers

These photos come from the photographic archives collection of the RMCA. More information about the History and Policits service.




The Congolisation festival, an initiative of the artist Pitcho Womba Konga, runs from 17 January to 17 February 2015. The festival aims to enhance the contribution of the Congolese and sub-Saharan diaspora and give it its rightful place in Belgium’s cultural landscape.

> View the Facebook page of the Congolisation festival(in FR)

> View the Congolisation program (in FR - 1,5 MB)

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