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The museum in Tervuren is closed, but it can be seen here and there!


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Our collections and exhibitions have always travelled around Europe, Africa, and the United States. Each year, we receive around thirty requests for loans of collection pieces kept in our reserves, for exhibits in Belgium and abroad.

But during the renovation, the masterpieces from our showcases will appear in the most diverse places, and the museum will be found in Los Angeles, Paris, New York, and Florida. RMCA has become a 'Pop-up Museum'!

We will also organize our own exhibits, not in Tervuren, but in other parts of the country.

And you might stumble upon the museum’s biggest hits, like the elephant.

A special partnership exists with BOZAR in Brussels, where we will be present throughout the renovation period.


Current exhibitions



  • Kinshasa
    Institut des Musees Nationaux du Congo - IMNC, Kinshasa
    'Congo. Nature & Culture'
    Since 2011, pictures and text version.
    This exhibit, last to be seen in 2005 in Tervuren, travelled in 2007 to the 'Musée National de Lubumbashi'.
  • Lubumbashi
    Musée National de Lubumbashi - MNL, Lubumbashi
    - 'Congo. Nature & Culture' (since 2007)
    - Congo Far West (since September 2013)

Past exhibitions


  • Lubumbashi
    Halle de l’ Etoile, Lubumbashi
    'Artists in Residence'
    July 12th, 2013 - July 31st, 2013 under the title 'Congo Far West'
    (in 2011 in the RMCA)

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