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Sample n° 5469

Minerals found in the sample
Mineral Formula Category Subcategory Importance
HETEROSITE Fe3+(PO4) phosphates, arsenates and vanadates phosphates major
ALLUAUDITE (Na,Ca)(Mn,Mg,Fe2+)(Fe3+,Mn2+)2(PO4)3 phosphates, arsenates and vanadates phosphates minor
PHOSPHOSIDERITE Fe3+(PO4)•2H2O phosphates, arsenates and vanadates phosphates minor
Description: large block of mixed phosphates
Information: Fransolet, A.M., Hatert, F. & Fontan, F., 2004. Petrographic evidence for primary hagendorfite in an unusual assemblage of phosphate minerals, Kibingo granitic pegmatite, Rwanda. Canadian Mineralogist 42, 697-704. // Hatert, F., Ottolini, L. & Schmid-Beurmann, P., 2011. Experimental investigation of the alluaudite + triphylite assemblage, and development of the Na-in-triphylite geothermometer : applications to natural pegmatite phosphates. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 161, 531-546.
  • Country: Rwanda
  • Region: Gitarama
  • Locality: Mont Kibingo
  • Donors: MGL
    Donation year: 1955
  • Sampling year:
    Registration date:
  • Quantity: 1
    Size: 1
  • Dimension code 1>2>3: 3
    Quality code 1>2>3: 1
  • Holotype: no
    Paratype: no
    Radioactive: no
  • Thin section: no
    Chemical analysis: no
    X-Ray spectra: no