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Right from the start, the RMCA published scientific works in collections called "Annals of the RMCA". These annals corresponded to the research departments and were published as a sub-series (e.g.  "in 4°" and "in 8°").

In 2003, a far-reaching restructuring took place. This resulted in the appearance of new designs and identifiers and also enabled rationalisation of the scientific series.
For example, the collection of the zoology department (Annals of zoological sciences in-4°, series 1 to 5 and Annals in-8° ) were grouped together in a single collection of monographs Studies in Afrotropical Zoology, and a periodical, Journal of Afrotropical Zoology.

Overview of editorial reorganisation

former titlelatest issuenew titlefirst issue
Zoological Annals,
including Miscellaneous
Studies in Afrotropical Zoology (SAZ) 292
  Journal of Afrotropical Zoology (JAZ)
merged in 2011 in EJT

Zoological documentation27
Online only2010
Annals in Geological Sciences107
Tervuren African Geoscience Collection
and online version of out of print publications
Annals in Historical Sciences168
Studies in social siences and humanities169
Annals in Historical Sciences18
Studies in social siences and humanities
Annals in Social Sciences and Humanities,
series Africana Linguistica
 Africana Linguistica Journal
  Tervuren Series for African Language Documentation and Description
Archive for Anthropology and History Online only
Digital series Human Sciences Documentation
Annals in Economical Sciences and Agriculture5
Studies in African Environment and Sustainability 


Furthermore, apart from any scientific publications outside the series, two other large collections complete this overview. 

  • Cahiers africains [African dossiers], created in 1972 under the title "Cahiers du Cedaf" and now published in coedition with Harmattan (Paris)
  • The "Collections of the RMCA" series appeared in 2006.
    • objective: to present the scientific collections, possibly accompanied by an exhibition devoted to these subjects. 
    • richly illustrated, these small and attractive books are available in three languages.  Readers will discover a selection of the most representative items of the museum’s collections including the history of how they were set up and corollary research. 
    • this series is aimed at a general public that is as wide and varied as possible. 


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