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Music CD's

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The RMCA's Ethnomusicology Section possesses a magnificent collection of sound recordings (36000) and musical instruments (8600) (http://music.africamuseum.be/english/index.html).
Since the Museum’s establishment, these recordings have been available on various media - records, cassettes and nowadays CDs, DVDs or websites that provide public access to musical selections. Old collections can be consulted or ordered.

Congo: Anthologie de la musique congolaise

The Ethnomusicology Section and Fonti Musicali have co-published a series of 12 music CD's dedicated to recordings from the D.R. Congo, the Anthologie de la musique congolaise - RDC.

    1. Music of the Lunda - Katanga - Vol. 1 
    2. Songs of the Okapi Forest. Mbuti, Nande and Pakombe -  Vol. 2 
    3. Music of the Mangbetu - Vol. 3 
    4. Music of the Salampasu - Vol. 4 
    5. Music of the Tshokwe of Bandundu - Vol. 5 
    6. Traditional Music of the Kwese - Vol. 6 
    7. Traditional Music of the Kongo-Mbata - Vol. 7 
    8. Traditional Music of the Tetela - Vol. 8
    9. Traditional Music of the Leele - Vol. 9 
    10. Music of the Ubangi - Vol. 10 
    11. Music of the Nkundo - Vol.11 
    12. Music of the Azande - Vol. 12


- The CD's are accompanied by a booklet in French, Dutch and English containing photographs and explanatory notes on each song.
- You can purchase the CD's at the Museum Shop or order them online.
- Retail price : € 15 / CD


  • cover-cdrwanda.jpgBell and bow hunting songs  (Les chants du grelot et de l'arc)
      byJean-Baptiste Nkulikiyinka
    - music CD with booklet (4 p.) in English, Dutch, French and a pdf  (35 p.) on the CD.
    - recordings by Mission Scohy-Stroobants (1, 2, 3)/ Jos Gansemans (4-11, 13-15)/ Alexis Kagame (12)
    - In co-edition with Fonti Musicali.
    - available at the museum shop or to be ordered online
    - retail price : 15 € 

    The songs on this CD are related in one way or another to hunting as it has been traditionally practiced in Rwanda since time immemorial by the country’s three population groups: the Twa, the Hutu, and the Tutsi.
    The Twa were most likely the ones to begin the practice in what is now present-day Rwanda. Bow hunting was most common in the forest and savannahs of the east, while hunting with dogs – referred to by Rwandans as ‘bell hunting’, a metonym for the bells worn by the hounds – is popular in the marshes, rivers, and valleys in the rest of the land.
    The lyrics to these songs (and other hunting poems) speak of the forest, the game, the exploits of the hunters and their dogs, the hardships they endure during hunting expeditions.

    The author
    Jean-Baptiste Nkulikiyinka was long involved in the Rwandan departments of culture, youth, and sports, and served as the director of the National Ballet of Rwanda. During this time, he interviewed hunters – many of whom are no longer alive – from all over the country, amassing an impressive amount of information on hunting practices in Rwanda: different hunting categories, pre- and post-expedition rites, weapons, songs, recitations, declamations, particularities of the language, the contribution of hunting in traditional Rwandan medicine. This was rounded out by the numerous sound and written records held by the Ethnomusicology section of the Royal Museum for Central Africa, where Nkulikiyinka has been working since 2002.
    > More detailed information on this subject will be found in his scholarly work: J.-B. Nkulikiyinka, Les Chants du grelot et de l’arc. Au pays des esprits chasseurs. Textes de chants et de poèmes de chasse réunis, traduits et commentés, Tervuren, Royal Museum for Central Africa, series ‘Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities’, July 2013.

More information

For more information, contact the Publications Service at publications@africamuseum.be or call  (+32) 02 769 5208.


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