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9.Traditional Music of the Leele

Volume 9  in the series Anthologie de la musique congolaise - RDC


The territory of the Leele, especially Ilebo territory, is located in the extreme west of the region of Kasai-Occidental. It is bordered to the west by the Loange (Tembo) River, which forms the border with Bandundu province. The Kasai River divides Leele territory from Oshwe territory to the north, from Tshikapa to the south, and from Luebo and Mweka to the south-east.

All musical activity is intimately linked to circumstances of social life and it’s from everyday events that songs draw their inspiration.

Among the Leele, in the classification of musical instruments, the membranophones have a chosen place and the ngomu drum is the basic instrument. This category includes skin drums: ngom’a mwamb’, bulub’, kabitshi and the kwei a nkanda friction drum.

Idiophones are represented by the iyembu bell, the (imported) ngong bell, the wooden malephu bells, the ankle-rattles hanga or biyoyi, the (imported) mayendjo bells, the mandjwandju bell-rattles, the yashi wicker rattle and the ikumu lamellophone.

Included among the aerophones are the ndondo’lo whistle, the nar’a kwei rhombus, the mwan’a kwei whistles, the woobo ocarina, the nhembu horse-antelope antler horn, and the kangumbwa calabash horn.

Music - CD content

1. Mayang (animation de réjouissance)
2. Malongla a nyowu, musique funèbre
3. Kookoo makadi, musique de festivité
4 et 5. Iwan, danse festive
6. Récit chanté, mimbeembee
7. Lukombi, danse des bangang (initiés à la guérison) ou imbele, danse de masque
8. Ikway, danse festive

9.   Malamba, danse festive
10. Séquences d’une cérémonie rituelle des masques
11. Musique de divertissement
12. Ikumwam, joué à la sanza
14. Miyehe, danse rituelle de jumeaux,
15. Réception officielle chez le nyimi Kakwei

   audioclip from the cd "Music of the Leele" (mp3 / 29 sec - 469 kb)

- In co-edition with Fonti Musicali. 
- Recordings :  R. Menard
- Accompanied by a booklet in French, Dutch and English containing photos and explanatory notes on each song.
- Available at the Museum Shop or to be ordered online at the price of 15 €.
- For more information, contact the Publications Service at publications@africamuseum.be or call  (+32) (0)2 769 52 08.

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