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4. Music of the Salampasu

Volume 4 in the series Anthologie de la musique congolaise - RDC

Cover CD Music SalampasuThe territory of the Salampasu lies in the Kasai province between the Lulua River and the Kasai River.  Like many of the peoples in the region, they were conquered by the Lunda during the 19th century. They are still tributary to the Lunda today and maintain trade relations with them, as they do with the Tshokwe. The Lunda, the Tshokwe, and the Salampasu share several common practices, such as worship, tattooing and the filing of teeth.

In the music of the Salampasu, xylophones and drums are a dominant feature. They are almost always played together, the melodic input from the xylophones and the emphatic rhythmic formulas from the drums making up the characteristic sound of Salampasu dance music. Another key feature of the various dance genres is that they are very drawn out, which is why some examples have been only partially recorded on this CD.

The recordings described here were made in July 1973 by Jos Gansemans during one of the RMCA’s ethnomusicological missions entitled: ‘Tervuren in en rond Tulume, de residentie van de grote chef van de Salampasu’ (Tervuren in and around Tulume, the residence of the great chief of the Salampasu).

   audio clip 'Matumbu' from 'Music of the Salampasu'  (mp3 / 30 sec - 472 kb)


- In co-edition with Fonti Musicali. 
- Accompanied by a booklet in French, Dutch and English containing photos and explanatory notes on each song.
- Available at the Museum Shop or to be ordered online at the price of 15 €.
- For more information, contact the Publications Service at publications@africamuseum.be or call  (+32) (0)2 769 5299 or 208.

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