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5. Music of the Tshokwe of Bandundu

Volume 5 in the series Anthologie de la musique congolaise - RDC 

Cover CD Music of theTshokweSome disagreement seems to surround the origins of the Tsjokwe people. What we do know for certain is that, in the 19th century, a small group of Lunda dissidents, led by a prince of the Imperial court, fled the capital Musumba, in present-day Katanga, to take refuge in Angola at the source of the Kwango and the Kasai. There they found a parent tribe, the Lwena. These dissidents and a substantial proportion of the Lwena ethnic group apparently formed the group of people we now know as the Tshokwe.

Eternal 'migrants" and renowned hunters and blacksmiths, the Tshokwe are remarkable artists. Ceremonial and everyday objects are very often genuine works of art, as is their music, for which they have gained a well-founded reputation.

Tshokwe music is basically group music. Music is for all occasions: birth, marriage, entry into and departures from the circumcision camps (mukhanda) of young initiates, end of mourning, etc. All are circumstances that inspire the village to externalize its joy through music and dance.

   audio clip 'Kamuzulu/Ndembo' from 'Music of the Tshokwe'  (mp3 / 30 sec - 477 kb)

- In co-edition with Fonti Musicali.
- Available at the Museum Shop or to be ordered online at the price of 15 €.
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