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10.Traditional Music of the Ubangi

Volume 10  in the series Anthologie de la musique congolaise - RDC


The north-west corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo is bordered by the Ubangi River, which makes a 90° bend to the south. The river gives its name to this region, which covers some 80,000 km², and to the family of languages that are spoken by various ethnic groups there.

Ubangi languages are also spoken outside the Ubangi region, particularly in the east, in the Uele Basin and as far as Southern Sudan, and to the north and west of the river, in the Central African Republic. With a few exceptions, all the population groups that have settled in Ubangi in the past 300-400 years have come from Sudan and Chad.

Successive migrations and assimilations have made this region an ethnic mosaic. This diversity is reflected in the music selected for this CD: recordings were made among the Ngbaka-ma’bo, the Banda-Mono, the Ngbaka-minagende and the Ngbandi, sometimes in neighbouring villages. These four peoples belong to different branches of the Ubangi family, but share certain cultural (and musical) traits.

Music - CD content

1. Solo instrumental sur lamellophone ekepeti (Banda-Mono)
2. Makindia (Banda-Mono),
chant de circoncision
3. Gaza (Ngbaka-minagende),
chant de circoncision
4. Ngombele (Banda-Mono),
chant de guerre
5. Ngomi wangoto (Ngbaka-minagende), chant de guerre
6. Nzombo (Ngbaka-ma’bo),
chant dirigé contre les sorciers
7. Wadonda gbeoko
(Ngbaka-ma’bo), chant de deuil
8. Kusanya bili dengbe (Ngbaka-ma’bo), chant accompagné à l’arc-à-bouche

9. Embongi takala nomo (Ngbaka-ma’bo), chant de joie accompagné à la harpe
10. Salongo (Ngbaka-minagende), animation instrumentale accompagnée à la harpe
11.To mo ngba so, wa e sia e, chant de deuil
12. Yambi-yambi, complainte
13. Bwa ndo nyi na ?, complainte
14.Ee Bwato so ee, chant accompagné de deux xylophones manza et d’un tambour
15. Mbi mamango, chant anecdotique
16.Tangbo kpwoloko, chant dédié aux jumeaux
17. Gbele, chant dédié à une figurine
18. Ngai Ngbandi aya me o

   audioclip from the cd "Music of the Ubangi" (mp3 / 32 sec - 504 kb)

- In co-edition with Fonti Musicali. 
- Recordings : : B. Quersin and Esole Eka likote 
- Accompanied by a booklet in French, Dutch and English containing photos and explanatory notes on each song.
- Available at the Museum Shop or to be ordered online at the price of 15 €.
- For more information, contact the Publications Service at publications@africamuseum.be or call  (+32) (0)2 769 52 08.

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