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Statuary and religion from south-western Democratic Republic of the Congo
By Julien Volper

Series  "Collections of the RMCA"

Publishers: Royal Museum for Central Africa
Co-published with Philippe de Moerloose

ISBN : 978-9-4922-4425-3
112 p. 

Retail price: 16,50 € 

This book studies a little-known religious tradition known as nswo and shared by several groups from the south-western part of the Démocratic Republic of Congo, including the Yansi, Sakata, Hungana, Buma, Mfunuka, Tsong, Mbala, Teke, Dikidiki, and Yaka.
Numerous examples of sculptures used as part of nswo practice are found in the collections of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium) and account for a significant part of the book’s discussion.
The book investigates the origins of the religion, its spread, and its regional variations as expressed in the nature of both the rites and the statuary.

Julien Volper is an art historian and researcher with the Heritage studies service of the Royal Museum for Central Africa.

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            Concession TEXAF, rue Marie Ange Lukiana (Colonel-Mondjiba, just after the French Embassy), La Gombe, Kinshasa.
            Contact: Chantal Tombu, director: chantal.tombu@gmail.com


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