The ‘Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities’ series

The former ‘Annals’ of Ethnography and History published by the RMCA were given this new name in 2005 with volume no. 169.
The series continued to be printed until volume no. 177. Subsequent volumes, starting with no. 178 (2016), will be free online issues published on the RMCA website. Printed copies will be produced exceptionally at the discretion of the RMCA editorial service based on institutional priorities.

The future books in this collection are monographs or edited books that must meet its editorial policy. They shall all undergo a peer review process similar to the one applied to previous volumes.

Submissions to the series are accepted according to the submissions criteria (pdf - 42 Kb).

Print-on-demand copies may be obtained by sending an order to


Volumes available in digital format


SSSH_Bouttiaux.jpgVol. 178
Anna Seiderer (ed.)
Masks dance, bodies exult. Liber amicorum in honour of Anne-Marie Bouttiaux (pdf 4 Mb)
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