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Official name : Irvingia excelsa Mildbr.
Family : Irvingiaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 65
Author(s) : Aiyeloja A.A and O.A Bello
Title : Ethnobotanical potentials of common herbs in Nigeria: A case study of Enugu state. Educational Research and Review Vol. 1 (1), pp. 16-22, April 2006 Available online at
Symptoms : H(208)
Recipes : H(208) condiment, seeds of Irvingia excelsa, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria (Enugu state)
Vernacular name : oro mopa (Yoruba), ogbono/ube (Igbo), mamujigoro (Hausa)
Reference HD 55
Author(s) : Delvingt, W. (Editeur Scientifique)
Title : La forêt des hommes. Terroirs villageois en forêt tropicale africaine Les presses agronomiques de Gembloux
Symptoms : H(139)
Recipes : H(139) the flowers of Irvingia excelsa are hermaphrodites
Region : Central Africa
Country : Cameroon (the southern plateau)
Vernacular name : fuam (Badjoué)