Little feet, big eyes

Interactive tour for toddlers


interactive tour little feet big eyes

On this exciting tour, you and your group will discover large and small museum pieces in a playful way.

Listen with the puppet Muunyà to the stories of her grandfather, the king.

After nightfall, you will sneak away from the village in search of thrilling adventures!  Cross the savannah and trek through the rainforest, getting to know unusual animals and their habits along the way.

Finally, a giant robot leads you to the big city, where you can discuss these adventures to the accompaniment of musical instruments and singing.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled!


This tour will always include the following galleries:

  • Rituals and Ceremonies
  • Languages and Music
  • Landscapes and biodiversity

Are you bringing more than one class? No problem: several groups can start the tour at the same time.

Can you stay a little longer? Head for the adjacent park or Tervuren’s nearby playground.

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Reservation required

Leuvensesteenweg 13, 3080 Tervuren

Angeböte für
3rd pre-1st year primary school

kids 5-7 years

24 max.
In French and Dutch

Week and week-end: 100 €