COVID-19 measures

In order to contain the COVID-19 epidemic, the museum is closed from Tuesday 29 October 2020.
Stay safe. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Hope to see you soon.

What if I had booked an activity during the closing period of the Africamuseum?

If you had planned an activity during this period, you normally have been contacted by our reservation service.
If you haven't received anything yet, we apologize. You can contact us at the following email address:


For your already booked activity:

We advise you to move your visit to a later date. You can easily do this by sending an e-mail before 25/12/2020 to with the new selected date. 

During this closing period you can still book an online guided tour.


 If I had bought a ticket to visit the museum during the closing period, can I use it later?

All tickets purchased for a date during the closing period can be used later, but before 01/03/2021.
Please, present your ticket purchased online at the reception desk and our colleagues will give you a new ticket. 


What compensation is provided for membership holders?

All memberships will be extended for a period as long as the shutdown period. 
Please note that your subscription can only be extended at the museum reception desk, not online.