AfricaTube is a project and space in the new museum created by a group of young people who search the Internet for films, blogs and vlogs on Africa.

Interesting, funny, exciting and even critical or controversial, the films are screened in a part of the new exhibition of the renovated museum.

Supported by TEXAF

Project objectives

  • To be a dynamic forum on contemporary Africa.
  • To be a platform for encounters and dialogue between cultures and generations. 
  • To illustrate a vibrant and creative Africa.
  • To look at Africa with no taboos or stereotypes.
  • To never forget scientific accuracy…

The AfricaTubers

  • A team of 6 volunteers who have committed for at least one year.
  • 16 - 26 years old.
  • Interested in multimedia, social media and Africa.
  • Creative, inventive, and with a strong team spirit.


Do you think you could be an AfricaTuber? Contact us: