AfricaTube is a space and platform on contemporary digital Africa, created by the youth, that connects the AfricaMuseum with the afrocyberspace. For over a year our Tubers have been navigating their way into the digital spheres and searching web blogs, audiovisual material, platforms, and music from Africa and the African diasporas, and exploring the multiple technological cultures of the continent.

AfricaTube presents what the internet stands for, questions how Africa is involved in this technolo-gy-laden world, and researches the cultural implications of these technologies.


We are looking for new Tubers!
Are you between 16 and 26 years old and do you feel like joining the team?
Take a look at our open call, and get in touch via or scan the QR code in the document to submit your application right away! 

Open Call AfricaTube (pdf 1,9 MB)


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