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Official name : Coleus aromaticus Benth.
Family : Lamiaceae

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Reference HL 29
Author(s) : Lestrade, A
Title : La médecine indigène au Ruanda et Lexique des termes médicaux français - urunyarwanda Mémoire présenté à la séance du 20 décembre 1954. de l'Académie Royale des Sciences Coloniales de Belgique
Symptoms : H(013), H(020x), H(051), H(068), H(086)
Recipes : H(013) dartre: vigorously clean with leaves of Coleus aromaticus (umuravumba) soaked in water. Then anoint ointment prepared as follows: fragments crushed tile + rancid butter. Daily anointing using this ointment
H(020x) the bees, prevention you cover with a leafy branch Cassia sp. (umuchyuro) and to make them vindictive, for example again thieves, is placed at the entrance of the hive, 2 leaves of Coleus aromaticus (umuravumba)
H(051) paludism: leaves of Vernonia arbustif (umubirizi) ; leaves of Markhamia platycalyx (umusave); leaves of Coleus aromaticus. The juice is mixed with water and heated in the sun. VO. 1 cup
H(051) paludism: juice of the roots of Rumex bequaertii (nyiramuko) diluted with water, of (?) bambuba, of Indigofera sp. (umusororo). add the juice of leaves of Coleus aromaticus (umuravumba). Take with a sorghum porridge
H(051) paludism, macerating pepper pods Capsicum annuum (urusenda), dried in a half cup of water. Soak, crushing, squeezing, filtering in some herbs and give drink in the morning and prepare a small boiled sorghum ; give a cup. Later in the day, administer the following composition : 1 leaf Aloe sp. (igikakarubamba) ; 1 handful of leaves of Leucas sp. (akanyamapfundo) (yet known rutenderi) ; 1 handful of leaves of Erigeron sumatrensis (wambuba) ; 1 handful of leaves of Guizotia scabra (igishikashike); 1 large handful of leaves of Lantana salvifolia (umuhengeri) ; 2 carrots with the size of the finger of Rumex bequaertii (nyiramuko). Crush all. The marc is poured into a bowl containing a little water. Twist, mix, squeeze out the juice. Drink a cup occasionally. The next day, the leaves of Coleus aromaticus (umuravumba) and of Vernonia amygdalina (umubirizi), are crushed; the juice is mixed with a small slurry sorghum. After three or four days there will a cupping application
H(068) amoebic dysentery (amachyinya), rein forest area, (amatebura), extract the juice of leaves of Coleus aromaticus; heat with rancid butter ; take two or three tablespoons twice a day.
H(068) amoebic dysentery (amachyinya), cook lightly salted with salt marsh butter; add a kind of red beans Phaseolus sp. (inkori), and skin scrapings Inkuru, this fight for the formation of debris membranes With this butter, eat sorghum dough, the cooking water will contain reddish juice of Ficus ingens (umutabataba), and Rumex (umujumba) aux reddish carrots.
H(068) amoebic dysentery (amachyinya),enemas with goat milk with water who spent the night in the hut
.H(068) amoebic dysentery (amachyinya), picking small berries of (?) igitagarasoryo; they must be very mature and very red. Crush, add salt marshes ; cooked in a little water and eat like paste.
H(068) amoebic dysentery (amachyinya), leaves of (?) ikivuzo ou ikivutso; crush, pound. To the juice, add water and rancid butter; cook until obtaining firm porridge. Sweeten with honey
H(068) dysentery (amachyinya), erythrine coral bark with beans and (?) ishyoza plants and (?) ikivutso. Cook with some water and butter. Eat with honey.
H(068) dysentery (amachyinya), pound all of the leaves of (?) ikivuzo, with whole plants of (?) ishyoza and of (?) kazibanyo. To the juice, add honey or butter
H(086) acute adenitis of the groin(Isumbi) To prevent the ill reaches inside the belly, are administered depuratives with the plants Coleus aromaticus.(umuravumba) and Rumex bequaertii (nyiramuko).
H(155) tonsillitis : Enjoy an hot sorghum porridge with the juice of Coleus aromaticus (umuravumba). Grill the berry inside of Coleus sp. (umuchunshu) ; clean the throat with this spicy remedy
Region : Central Africa
Country : Rwanda
Vernacular name : umuravumba (Kinyarwanda)