Survey of archives and museum collections

Internship position

The RMCA is looking for an intern to help with a new survey of archives and museum collections that are kept in different places in the world and that have a direct link with the history of the DRC (Congo-Kinshasa). Part of the project will consist of making an existing survey more up-to-date and more complete.

Candidates must have an MA degree (or in the course of obtaining it) in history or a related discipline, good reading knowledge of English, French and Dutch, and good writing skills in English. Preference will be given to candidates who are motivated by a personal interest in acquiring knowledge in this area.

The internship can take up to three months, but the precise duration and time investment are negotiable.

Please send all questions and applications (letter + resume) before 2 March 2020 to with "Survey DRC in archives and museum collections" in the subject line.