Virtual reality

Put on your VR glasses and experience the cultural and natural treasures of Congo as if you were there yourself.

  • Het Yangambi bos

    360° Yangambi

    Mélissa Rousseau, a wood biologist from the AfricaMuseum, takes you along the Congo River from Kisangani to the Yangambi international research centre, some 90 km downstream. 

    Follow Emmanuel Kasongo Yakusu, an employee of the University of Kisangani and the AfricaMuseum. He explains what role Yangambi plays in the research into climate change.

    Meet Papa Bambale, a traditional healer who works with medicinal plants from the forest. 

    Wander around with Mayingolo, a former employee, in the old Yangambi, once the world’s biggest research centre for tropical agriculture.

  • Aan het boksen

    360° Kinshasa

    Flamboyant sapeurs welcome you to Kinshasa, a city of sharp contrasts. It is the capital of Congo, and one of the biggest cities in Africa.

    Discover Kinshasa with Geraldine Tobé, an artist who paints with smoke and fire.

    See the city through the eyes of Charline, one of the many street children. Charline makes radio programmes and broadcasts them in the market at Gambela, close to where she lives.

    Follow 19-year-old Modestine Zalia, who is boxing her way to the Olympic Games.

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From 8 years old

In Lingala, English, French or Dutch.