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Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren - Belgium
Tel. (+32) 02 769 52 11
Fax (+32) 02 769 52 42


Museum off the reels

Creative project 2013

films project  | participants

The films

About seventy students, professors, artists and professionals in the audiovisual arts, and students from art colleges took part in this audiovisual project of the RMCA.
They created a video, a film, an animated feature, or clip no more than 4 minutes long on the role of the museum, its past, the present, and its future.
These 24 films – in turns poetic, realistic, critical, amusing, or utopian – are the result: they can be viewed here online or in the museum from 7 July until 30 November 2013.

> read more about the project and the participants

The winners

1st place : Heart of Tetris by Thomas Huyghe, Anouk Maes and Margot Ruelens
2nd place : ITCH by Liesbet Allegaert and Monik Myle
3rd place : (2 winners)
Museum Middle-Europe by Sam Goos, Willy Huygens, Thomas Leysen, Herman Meersmans, Annelies Van Der Auwera and Bert Van Schoor
Possession by Matthias De Groof and Mekhar Azari Kyoso 



 You are here
(Coenegrachts Sabine, Thys Annelies)

Hors contexte
(Goor Céline, Larue Elise,
Van Baalen Nora,
Verhaegen Gabriel, Wauters Lorraine)

 Dark chocolate bar
(Elsen Jasmine)

 Lobi kuna (Overmorgen)
(De Groof Matthias, Kyoso Mekhar Azari)


Les statues meurent aussi:Variation II
(Céphale Fanny, Dumoulin Sophie, Fleury Pablo,
Forget Victoria, Ooms Elisa)

De coelacanth

(Besselsen Laurens, Ducal Charles, Nawasadio Dialot Ange,
Nawasadio Sylvie, Pauwels Lin)

(Jaroszewski Julie, Mossé Cyril)

Les statues meurent aussi:Variation I
(De Mesmaeker Charlotte, De Ryckel Sophie, Kins Océane,
Murgue Grégoire, Rico-Garcia Fanny)


Acquired in 1998
(Boulton Jack, Ghesquiere Hanne, Kara Serkan,
Vanderstraeten Frik)

Heart of Tetris
(Huyghe Thomas, Maes Anouk, Ruelens Margot)

 Black Beast
(Gunst Roland, mixed2010

The opaque water
(Devadder Guido, Vranckx Francis


 Urban legend
(Chris Wuytack)

Porteurs de mémoires
(Brunelle Célia, Caron Emeline,
Faingaert Manon, Félix Anais)

 Je range
(Van der Cruyssen Dirk)

 La mémoire des ombres
(Fruitman Rébecca)


Les statues meurent aussi:Variation III
(Declercq Alice, Genette Iseline,
Gustin Marine, Philippe Thomas)

(Allegaert Liesbet, Myle Monik)

 African dreams
(Maës Fred)

(Nawasadio Dialot Ange, Besselsen Laurens, Charles Ducal,
Nawasadio Jellissa, Nawasadio Sylvie, Pauwels Lin)


 (Un)guided tour
(Botea Irina, De Luca Marco, Voicu Stefan)

Museum Middle-Europe
(Goos Sam, Huygens Willy,
Leysen Thomas, Meersmans Herman,
Van Der Auwera Annelies, Van schoor Bert)

Des masques et moi
(Derudder Ophélie, Simon Marie-Anaïs,
Vande Wynkel Christophe, Vanheule Marine)

 Reflections of the warriors
(Alkins Thomas)



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