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The Congo Free State across Languages, Media and Cultures : What archives and collections have to say

workshop 18 October 2017, Tervuren

This workshop explores the Congo Free State under Leopold II (1885-1908) as a space of transnational encounter through an analysis of its representation across languages, media and cultures.


As such, the collections and archives focusing on this period of time, or revisiting its memory bring to light new considerations, and help to better envision the impact memory and history may have across Europe and Northern America.


This workshop offers the audience a key opportunity to discuss specific issues, and discuss various types of collections including manuscript archives dating prior 1908, movies, photographs, paintings, sculptures etc. connected to the Congo Free State period.


This workshop is organized by the History and Politics Service of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. It is co organized with the Centre “Ecritures”, Universit√© de Lorraine and is part of the NWO project, a research initiative funded by the NWO (the Netherlands), with Open University, Amsterdam; Uppsala University, the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, and Leeds Beckett University.


Speakers and chairs will include among others:

  • L.-A. Bernardo y Garcia (State Archives of Belgium)
  • R. Burroughs (Leeds Beckett University, UK)
  • B. Ceuppens (RMCA, Belgium)
  • S. de Mul (Open University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • G. De Wolf (Open University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • S. Donovan (Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • D. Gordon (Bowdoin College, USA)
  • P. Halen (Universit√© de Lorraine, France)
  • M. Leduc-Grimaldi (RMCA, Belgium)
  • D. Silverman (UCLA, USA)
  • P. Van Schuylenbergh (RMCA, Belgium)
  • J. Volper (RMCA, Belgium).

Download the full program


The organization of this workshop has been made possible thanks to a grant from BELSPO.


Practical information:

  • When: 18 October 2017.
  • Where: Royal Museum for Central Africa, Capa Building, ground floor seminar room. Access & map
  • Registration to attend the workshop is mandatory before 15 October 2017. Please register strictly through the internet form.


Leaflet about the workshop

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