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Media coverage of the Congo River Expedition and Congo

Recently, the Royal Museum for Central Africa, its Congo River scientific expedition and Congo itself have been in the news almost every day, on radio and television, in newspapers and magazines:

  • www.congo2010.be: via our own website, you’ll have access to all the news.
    The log books of expedition participants are a must-read: http://www.congo2010.be/fr/expedition/carnets-de-route
  • http://www.deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws/buitenland/congo: Here you’ll find news by VRT expedition members; follow the expedition on the map, click on the icons to know more and for photographs and videos. Or watch it all live on VRT news.
  • http://www.rtbf.be/lapremiere/ and http://www.radio1.be/actua/: You can listen to a brief expedition report on VRT and RTBF radio news.
  • http://www.standaard.be/kanaal/index.aspx?kanaalid=1521: Ine Roox, editor of De Standaard, is accompanying the Congo River expedition from Kinshasa to Kisangani and Bumba and reports regularly on her experiences.
  • http://blogs.lesoir.be/colette-braeckman/: Le Soir regularly publishes articles on the expedition and a blog on Africa by journalist Colette Braeckman.
  • http://www.eosmagazine.eu/language/nl-BE/home.aspx: Here you’ll find EOS magazine articles in French and Dutch. For the latter, click on ‘Expeditie Congostroom 2010’.
  • http://www.rtbf.be/info/congo-50-ans-d-independance: 50 years, 50 videos about Congo up until independence, selected by Frédéric François, a pillar of RTB(F) journalism in Central Africa since the 1960s.
  • http://congo.canvas.be/wedstrijd/oproep-congo-in-belgieneem-deel/: Canvas (VRT) uses the commemoration of Congo’s independence to rediscover the country and its history, even here in Belgium. Among other things, Canvas hopes to learn how and where to find traces of our colonial past in Belgium. Some well known places refer to Central Africa, and Congo in particular, but perhaps you know of colonial remnants in your city or township: monuments, statues, buildings, street names…Canvas is on the lookout for these known and lesser known places and the stories hiding there. If they are linked in any way to Congo, upload one or two photographs and the history of the monument, street sign, building or other item to the Canvas website. This will help us rebuild our colonial past, ‘Congo in Belgium’, in words and images. Deadline is midnight 30 May 2010.
  • http://www.nieuwsblad.be/article/detail.aspx?articleid=DMF20100428_126&kanaalid=1530: Nieuwsblad reporter Hans Vandeweghe travels the mining region of Katanga and takes the pulse of Congolese society in 2010.
  • http://congo.canvas.be/: Starting 6 May, VRT will broadcast every Thursday at 20.40 ‘Bonjour Congo’, a series of reports by Rudi Vranckx.
  • Canvas:
    - beginning 25 May at 22.05, Canvas will address the history of Congo and all of black Africa in the three-part series ‘Black Heart, White Man’
    - 7 June at 20.35: Thierry Michel’s documentary ‘Congo River’
    - 9 June at 22.40: Thierry Michel’s documentary ‘Katanga Business’
    - 30 June: thematic evening: the current affairs television programme Terzake focuses on the Kinshasa ceremonies; the final part of ‘Bonjour Congo’; a Cobra TV episode on Congolese culture; and ‘Bwana Kitoko’, the recently restored film by André Cauvin about King Baudouin’s 1955 trip to Congo
  • VRT: on Panorama, Terzake and De Zevende Dag, several reports on Congo’s 1960 independence and 2010 commemorative ceremonies.
  • KOPPEN XL: Tuesday 1 June, during the Koppen XL broadcast, you can watch ‘The making of’ the expedition.
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