Inventory of the Stanley Archives

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Contact for the Stanley archives

Mathilde Leduc
Royal Museum for Central Africa
History and General Scientific Services / History of the Colonial Period
Tel: +32 (2) 769 52 79


We would first of all like to thank the King Baudouin Foundation in the person of the Mr. Dominique Allard. He was not only behind the initiatives for the purchases made in 2000, 2002 and 2003, but he also provided the continuous financial and moral stimuli necessary to complete the inventory work. We are also grateful to Mr. Philippe Marechal for the infinite confidence he placed in us and for his unceasing support. We found Mr. Guido Gryseels an enthusiastic source of inspiration from the beginning of his directorship. He was immediately able to assess the full, i.e. international, value of the Stanley Archives. Also included in our gratitude are Dr. Jan Goris, who was responsible for a large part of the task of making an inventory of the Stanley Papers Part I, and all Stanley-Pavilion personnel, whose assistance was sometimes called upon at various times. A special note of gratitude goes to Mr. Gustaaf Janssens, archivist at the Royal Palace, for his support, to Mrs. Anne De Breuck, project officer for the King Baudouin Foundation, for her supporting administrative role, to the members of the "Stanley Scientific Committee" that was established on the occasion of the purchases by the King Baudouin Foundation, for their patronage, and to Fabien Nkundabagenzi and Jean Baltus, members of the Metafro Infosys service, for creating this database.