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"Letters concerning a little illustrated article of mine which appeared in the June number of the Illustrated English Magazine - 1885 - entitled The London Ragamuffins"; list of senders, [1885], 1885

Sketch [in envelop] by Dorothy Tennant of her mother Gertrude , Reading her M.S. to me, 15-10-1887

Artist's Season Ticket for the Fifth Exhibition of Modern Works of Art 1887 at the Art Gallery of the City of Manchester

Poetry to Dorothy Tennant on the occasion of her marriage with HMS, 1890 (3 pieces)

Speech Dorothy Tennant for the Westminster Lodging-house Mission, 13-12-1893

Receipts for Dorothy Tennant of gifts to the Day and Sunday School Treat Fund, signed by W. Hall, 1893-1895 (3 pieces)

Receipt for Dorothy Tennant of a subscription to the Waterloo [ ] Fund, 02-11-1895

Receipt for Dorothy Tennant of a donation to the General Fund of the Church Army, signed by W. Carlile, 29-11-1895, London

Receipt for Dorothy Tennant of a donation to the Hampton's Mission to the Blind, 29-09-1896

Receipt for Dorothy Tennant of annual subscription to the Deaconess Institution for the Diocese of Rochester, November 1897, London

Programme of Exhibition of Living & Moving Photographs at Mrs. Tennant's and Mrs. Stanley's, 26-02-1897 [pencil notes overleaf]

Sermon by Dr. Vaughan at the Temple "in his own handwriting", "given to Miss Dorothy Tennant by him a few days before her marriage", 27-05-1890

Royalties for books by HMS, in account with Harper & Brothers Publishers, 30-06-1905, New York

Assignment [with envelop] by Katharin (Kate) Marie Bradshaw to Dorothy Tennant of "letters, documents, memoranda, photographs, and other matter", 1907

Signed statements by Charles Russell Brown (19-12-1907), George Langton (17-12-1907) and Katharin (Kate) Marie Bradshaw (30-11-1907)

Receipt of "papers &c. relating to H. M. Stanley" handed to J. Collett Smith, signed by Lewis H. Noe, Sayville, L. I., N. Y., 23-10-1907; with second sheet containing notes by J. Collett Smith