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Henry Morton Stanley » Miscellaneous » Miscellaneous » Emin Pasha Relief Expedition 1886-90 : 28 archives found

"Inquiry into the conduct of William Hoffman", signed by William Hoffmann and witnesses William G. Stairs, Thomas H. Parke, Robert H. Nelson and Arthur J. Mounteney-Jephson, 7 pp., folio

"Our life at Yambuya camp in Africa from 22nd June 1887 to June 8th 1888"; signed by interpreter on the EPRE Assad Farran and three witnesses, 12 pp., 4to

Report of the revolt in the Equatorial Province; author unknown but handwriting of Stanley's secretary Leonard K. Wilson, 6 pp., folio

Memorandum [typewritten copy] by P. L. McDermott of a conversation with the interpreter on the EPRE Assad Farran, 26-09-1888

Typewritten copy of the "false testimony" of the interpreter on the EPRE Assad Farran against James S. Jameson, s.d.

Memorandum draft regarding the charge of abetting cannibalism against James S. Jameson, allegations by Major Walter Barttelot and his friends on behalf of Major Edmund Barttelot and some commentary on the East African Company, Education Department, s.d.

Summaries of newspaper articles concerning the EPRE, 1888

"Telegrams [January 1887] Exchanged with Zanzibar on account of Emin Bey Expedition"

Transcripts of telegrams sent by HMS to William Mackinnon (4), George S. Mackenzie (1), Lord Wolseley (1) and James Gordon Bennett (1), January-February 1887

Letters to HMS written in Arabic, 1888 - January 1890 (4 pieces)

Autograph memorandum by HMS, "Letters of Lieut. W. G. Stairs of the late Emin Expedition to Major Barttelot and Mr. J. S. Jameson and my comments thereon. 1892. Written after hearing (…) that Lieut. Stairs had instructed his Executors not to publish his Diaries until after my Death
Note: Put in a sheet by Dorothy Tennant with text: "For Denzil. Papers of importance if ever any attack on Father is made by the Stairs Family (…)"

Correspondence respecting Mr. Stanley's Expedition for the Relief of Emin Pasha. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, London, February 1890, 17 pp.
Note: Contains letters from Colonel Euan-Smith to the Marquis of Salisbury, Zanzibar, 28-12-1889 [with enclosed Report by HMS describing the proceedings of the EPRE]; Foreign Office to Colonel Euan-Smith, Foreign Office, 31-01-1889. With inscription in Stanley

Proof of the Report of the Committee to the Subscribers of the Emin Pasha Relief Fund, annotated by Henry Curtis, with a carbon copy of the "Minutes of the Proceedings of the Emin Pasha Relief Committee 1886-1891", 160 pp.
Note: Enclosed letter from George S. Mackenzie to Henry Curtis, Sandy, Beds., 12-08-1910