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Daniel J. RANKIN, "The Portuguese in East Africa", in: The Fortnightly Review, vol. CCLXXVIII, (February 1890), 149-163

Thomas H. PARKE, "A plea for a railway to the Victoria Nyanza", in: The United Service Magazine, s.d., 203-211

J. P. MAHAFFY, "The proposed Nile reservoir. I. The devastation of Nubia", in: The Nineteenth Century, June 1894, 1013-1018

Frank DILLON, "The proposed Nile reservoir. II. The submergence of Philæ", in: The Nineteenth Century, June 1894, 1019-1025

"Séance extraordinaire du 21 mars 1895. Projet de reprise du Congo par l'État belge", in: [Bulletin de la Société Royale de Géographie d'Anvers], s.d., 435-478
Note: A. DE GERLACHE, "Expédition Antartique", in: ibid., 480-482

F. D. LUGARD, "England and France in the Nile Valley", in: The National Review, (July 1895), 609-622
Note: F. D. LUGARD, "Routes in Africa", in: The National Review (August 1895) 765-775

"Inauguration du monument à la mémoire du Capitaine Camille Coquilhat, Vice-Gouverneur de la Colonie du Congo", in: [Bulletin de la Société Royale de Géographie d'Anvers], s.d., 371-381
Note: "Assemblée ordinaire du 20 novembre 1895", in: ibid., 382-384

H. M. STANLEY, "The issue between Great Britain and America", in: The Nineteenth Century, CCXXVII, (January 1896), 1-6
Note: Edward DICEY, "Common sense and Venezuela", in: ibid., 7-15

"Questioni del Giorno. L'Italia e l'Abissinia", in: La Riforma Sociale, III, vol. V, (1896), 369-374
Note: Letter to the Editor by H. M. STANLEY, London, 06-03-1896

"Assemblée Générale du 15 janvier 1897", in: Bulletin de la Société Royale de Géographie d'Anvers, vol. XXI, (1897), 5-42

Gunnar ANDERSSON, "Grefve A. v. [Adolf von] Götzens resa genom Afrika", in: [?], s.d., 118-122

THOMAS B. CONNERY, "Reminiscences of two modern heroes [Thomas A. Edison and HMS]", in: [Cosmopolitan], June 1891, 150-156

Francis DE WINTON, "Address to the Geographical Section of the British Association", in: The Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society, s.d., 412-422

Frederick Augustus EDWARDS, "The French on the Nile", in: [?], s.d., 362-377

H. R. FOX BOURNE, "The Congo Failure", in [?], s.d., 342-352