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Sample n° 1108 : concentrates
Minerals: GARNET KYANITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) CHRYSOBERYL     Year: 1936     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 14008 : fragments (1-3 cm)
Minerals: AGATE (quartz) CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1983     Country: USA

Sample n° 7109 : geodic rock
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 12546 : banded fragments
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1921     Country: Angola

Sample n° 12597 : banded grey-white and pink-white blocks (8 and 15 cm)
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1971     Country: Burundi

Sample n° 12102 : sample with green-yellow tabular parsonsite crystals
Minerals: PARSONSITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) META-AUTUNITE METATORBERNITE     Year: 1969     Country: France

Sample n° 12105 : sample with well-developed metatorbernite crystals
Minerals: METATORBERNITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) META-AUTUNITE PYRITE     Year: 1969     Country: France

Sample n° 12109 : sample with yellow parsonsite crystals, brown powdery hollandite nodules, green chalcedony, dendritic black oxides
Minerals: HOLLANDITE PARSONSITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) META-AUTUNITE     Year: 1969     Country: France

Sample n° 12111 : scattered crystals on rock substrate
Minerals: META-AUTUNITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) HEMATITE METATORBERNITE     Year: 1969     Country: France

Sample n° 12112 : uraniferous block with globular white chalcedony coating
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) META-AUTUNITE METATORBERNITE     Year: 1969     Country: France

Sample n° 3326 : sorted concentrates

Sample n° 14208 : oval polished stone (2.52 g)
Minerals: AGATE (quartz) CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1983     Country: India

Sample n° 11934 : reniform geodes with yellow and white bands (20 cm)
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1968     Country: France

Sample n° 11658 : thick coating, with well-developed crystals along surface
Minerals: QUARTZ CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1967     Country: Austria

Sample n° 11724 : multicoloured breccious block (16 cm)
Minerals: FLUORITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1968     Country: France

Sample n° 11144 : sample with metatorbernite, few meta-autunite crystals, smoky quartz
Minerals: META-AUTUNITE METATORBERNITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) HEMATITE QUARTZ     Year: 1966     Country: France

Sample n° 12901 : reworked material
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1972     Country: Nigeria

Sample n° 13445 : concretion
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1976     Country: Madagascar

Sample n° 1407 : nice banded concretion
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 6816 : brown crystals in breccious quartz
Minerals: EULYTITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1954     Country: Germany