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Sample n° 341 : reniform yellow block
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1910     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 406 : concretion within geode
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1910     Country: Unknown

Sample n° 556 : geode with prismatic crystals (1 cm)
Minerals: QUARTZ CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1913     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 557 : zoned pink block
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 716 : chisel-shaped crystals (2 cm) in chalcedony geode
Minerals: CALCITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1912     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 751 : siliceous block, coverd by green twinned crystals (5 mm) (libethenite) and blue nodules (chalcedony)
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) LIBETHENITE QUARTZ     Year: 1910     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 864 : debris
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1934     Country: Rwanda

Sample n° 996 : layer on gossan

Sample n° 1062 : geodic rock with white quartz with dioptase spots, green crust (volborthite) and bright black needles (vesignieite)
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ VESIGNIEITE DIOPTASE VOLBORTHITE     Year: 1910     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1064 : rock with black silex, grey geodes (chalcedony), layers of blue fibro-radial plancheite
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) PLANCHEITE QUARTZ     Year: 1910     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1080 : fragments and debris
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1938     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1406 : cut blocks of concretionary chalcedony
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 11164 : lava with white geodes
Minerals: ZEOLITE CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1966     Country: Germany

Sample n° 9542 : purple block (15 cm), coloured by iron oxides
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) OPAL     Year:     Country: Rwanda

Sample n° 11566 : red breccious block with mixture of copper silicates
Minerals: SHATTUCKITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) MALACHITE PLANCHEITE     Year: 1968     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 6539 : massive pink block
Minerals: AGATE (quartz) CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 5479 : beige porcelain-textured block (10 cm)
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1964     Country: Rwanda

Sample n° 41 : rounded debris
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1897     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 246 : pink, massive
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1910     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 2434 : banded blue chalcedony in white clay
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1937     Country: Congo (RDC)