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Sample n° 6934 : blue plates (clinoclase) and green tabular crystals (tyrolite) on block of copper minerals (6 cm)
Minerals: CLINOCLASE TYROLITE AZURITE CHALCEDONY (quartz) MALACHITE QUARTZ     Year: 1954     Country: United Kingdom

Sample n° 1784 : rounded, amber-coloured
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 4601 : shiny blue crust
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: Unknown

Sample n° 5849 : geode with renifiorm concretion and pink granular material
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 4596 : black, blue and green debris
Minerals: OPAL CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1759 : botryoidal, in geode
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1751 : fine-grained olive-green mottramite on limestone
Minerals: MOTTRAMITE CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 14209 : milky orange polished stone (1.85 g)
Minerals: AGATE (quartz) CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1983     Country: Mexico

Sample n° 11741 : chalcedony (var. lussatite) in carbonaceous limestone
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1968     Country: France

Sample n° 532 : mixed debris
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) QUARTZ     Year: 1913     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 4598 : sawn pink blocks with concentric structure
Minerals: AGATE (quartz) CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1954     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 10299 : olive-green block (5 cm)
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1963     Country: Rwanda

Sample n° 1078 : banded multicoloured fragments
Minerals: AGATE (quartz) CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1936     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 13982 : vein of needle-shaped malachite, geode of vitreous olive-coloured chalcedony
Minerals: CALCITE MALACHITE CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 8642 : white and beige fragments
Minerals: AGATE (quartz) CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1949     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 4603 : fragments with banding (4 cm)
Minerals: AGATE (quartz) CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 554 : stalactitic concretion
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1910     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 560 : zoned block (pink, blue, yellow)
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year: 1913     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1745 : reniform grey and white crust (chalcedony), olive-coloured powder (mottramite)
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz) MOTTRAMITE     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 839 : polished pink and white block
Minerals: CHALCEDONY (quartz)     Year:     Country: South Africa