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Sample n° 13128 : altered crystals
Minerals: KYANITE     Year: 1973     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 11067 : block of large interlocking crystals
Minerals: KYANITE     Year: 1936     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1043 : altered tabular blue crystals
Minerals: KYANITE     Year: 1938     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1081 : blue plates in quartz
Minerals: KYANITE QUARTZ     Year:     Country: Unknown

Sample n° 10823 : rock with green mica (muscovite) and blue kyanite crystals
Minerals: MUSCOVITE KYANITE     Year: 1968     Country: South Africa

Sample n° 11793 : black needles (2 cm) in pegmatite with green mica
Minerals: KYANITE     Year: 1968     Country: Czech Republic

Sample n° 12209 : white tabular crystals in sulfides
Minerals: KYANITE CHALCOPYRITE     Year: 1970     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1021 : small transparent crystal in iron-rich rock
Minerals: KYANITE     Year: 1938     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 11668 : eclogite, with garnet crystals in greenish matrix

Sample n° 1448.8 : concentrate of tabular crystals (1 cm)
Minerals: KYANITE     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1555 : fibrous block (4 cm)
Minerals: KYANITE     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 14103 : blue tabular crystal (5-10 cm)
Minerals: KYANITE     Year: 1984     Country: Tanzania

Sample n° 208 : massive malachite, enclosing kyanite
Minerals: MALACHITE KYANITE     Year: 1901     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 233 : massive (malachite), rosettes (kyanite)
Minerals: KYANITE MALACHITE     Year: 1901     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 4648 : rounded crystals
Minerals: KYANITE     Year:     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 4649 : blue tabular crystals (5 mm)
Minerals: KYANITE     Year: 1954     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 2457 : stacked rust-coloured plates (20 cm)
Minerals: KYANITE     Year: 1937     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 1099 : concentrate
Minerals: KYANITE GOLD     Year: 1938     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 10858 : black crystals (2 mm) and acicular rosettes in black phyllite
Minerals: KYANITE STAUROLITE     Year: 1930     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 11549 : green muscovite and blue kyanite in pegmatite
Minerals: KYANITE MUSCOVITE     Year: 1968     Country: South Africa