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Sample n° 11077 : fine-grained whitish material
Minerals: MAGNESITE     Year: 1966     Country: Turkey

Sample n° 15714 : agglomerate of antigorite (var. picrolite) and magnesite
Minerals: ANTIGORITE MAGNESITE     Year: 1966     Country: Zimbabwe

Sample n° 10888 : fine-grained material
Minerals: MAGNESITE     Year: 1963     Country: South Africa

Sample n° 10889 : white fibrous block
Minerals: MAGNESITE     Year: 1963     Country: South Africa

Sample n° 13470 : greenish (carrboydite) and white (magnesite) plates on black rock
Minerals: CARRBOYDITE MAGNESITE     Year: 1977     Country: Australia

Sample n° 13320 : sample with yellow sklodowskite needles, white metallic siegenite
Minerals: SKLODOWSKITE MAGNESITE SIEGENITE URANINITE     Year: 1975     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 13403 : pale green crust and veinlets on plack (8 cm)
Minerals: MAGNESITE     Year: 1977     Country: Australia

Sample n° 13306 : mixed rock material in drill core
Minerals: MAGNESITE HALITE     Year: 1974     Country: Algeria

Sample n° 13307 : aggregate of lamellar crystals
Minerals: MAGNESITE     Year: 1974     Country: Algeria

Sample n° 6782 : white clayey material (7 cm)
Minerals: MAGNESITE     Year: 1954     Country: Greece

Sample n° 6793 : brown block (7 cm), var. mesitite
Minerals: MAGNESITE     Year: 1954     Country: Italy

Sample n° 5932 : bladed pink block (10 cm)
Minerals: MAGNESITE     Year: 1958     Country: Congo (RDC)

Sample n° 14111 : massive white material
Minerals: MAGNESITE     Year: 1984     Country: Tanzania

Sample n° 15688 : chrysotile fibres with lining of magnesite, high concentration of veins (parallel to low dip)
Minerals: CHRYSOTILE MAGNESITE     Year: 1966     Country: Zimbabwe