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Sample n° 3633

Minerals found in the sample
Mineral Formula Category Subcategory Importance
URANINITE UO2 oxides and hydroxides - major
CALCITE Ca(CO3) carbonates - minor
CHALCOPYRITE CuFeS2 sulfides and sulfosalts sulfides minor
Description: sample with botryoidal uraninite
Information: geochronology - Cahen, L., Pasteels, P., Ledent, D., Bourguillot, R., Van Wambeke, L. & Eberhardt, P., 1961. Recherches sur l'age absolu des minéralistions uranifères du Katanga et de Rhodésie du Nord. Annales du Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Série In-8°, n° 41, pp. 1-53.
Country: Zambia       Region: Copperbelt Province       Locality: Nkana Mine, Rhokana Corp Ltd
Donors Rhokana Corp Sampling year
Donation year 1952 Registration date
Quantity 1 Dimension code 1>2>3 3
Size 3 x 3 cm Quality code 1>2>3 1
Holotype no Thin section no
Paratype no Chemical analysis no
Radioactive yes X-Ray spectra no