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Sample n° 6183

Minerals found in the sample
Mineral Formula Category Subcategory Importance
GOYAZITE SrAl3(PO4)(PO3OH)(OH)6 phosphates, arsenates and vanadates phosphates major
GOETHITE FeO(OH) oxides and hydroxides - minor
Description: 1 mg
Information: holotype of lusungite (discredited, shown to be goyazite) (RMCA records) // original publication - Van Wambeke, L., 1958. Une nouvelle espèce minérale : la lusungite en provenance de la pegmatite de Kobokobo (Kivu - Congo Belge). Bulletin de la Société Belge de Géologie 67, 162-169. // discredited - Pring, A., Birch, W.D., Dawe, J., Taylor, M., Deliens, M. & Walenta, K., 1995. Kintoreite, PbFe3(PO4)2(OH,H20)6, a new mineral of the jarosite-alunite family, and lusungite discredited. Mineralogical Magazine 95, 143-148.
Country: Congo (RDC)       Region: Kivu       Locality: Mwenga, Kobokobo
Donors van Wambeke Sampling year
Donation year Registration date
Quantity 1 Dimension code 1>2>3 3
Size 3 Quality code 1>2>3 1
Holotype yes Thin section no
Paratype no Chemical analysis no
Radioactive no X-Ray spectra no