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Sample n° 11767

Minerals found in the sample
Mineral Formula Category Subcategory Importance
BOULANGERITE Pb5Sb4S11 sulfides and sulfosalts sulfosalts major
GALENA PbS sulfides and sulfosalts sulfides major
SPHALERITE ZnS sulfides and sulfosalts sulfides minor
Description: mixed sulfides as crusts and in geodes (7 cm)
Country: Czech Republic       Region: Pribram       Locality:
Donors Steenstra Sampling year
Donation year 1968 Registration date
Quantity 1 Dimension code 1>2>3 3
Size 2 Quality code 1>2>3 1
Holotype no Thin section no
Paratype no Chemical analysis no
Radioactive no X-Ray spectra yes