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Sample n° 13781

Minerals found in the sample
Mineral Formula Category Subcategory Importance
BIJVOETITE-(Y) Y8(UO2)16O8(CO3)16(OH)8•39H2O carbonates - major
LEPERSONNITE-(Gd) CaGd2(UO2)24(CO3)8Si4O28•60H2O carbonates - major
OURSINITE Co(UO2)2(SiO3OH)2•6H2O nesosilicates - major
BECQUERELITE Ca(UO2)6O4(OH)6•8H2O oxides and hydroxides - minor
CURITE Pb3+x[(UO2)4O4+x(OH)3-x]2•2H2O oxides and hydroxides - minor
RUTHERFORDINE (UO2)(CO3) carbonates - minor
SKLODOWSKITE Mg(UO2)2(SiO3OH)2•6H2O nesosilicates - minor
Description: sample with yellow bijvoetite crystals with pyramidal terminations, radial aggregates of golden-yellow acicular lepersonnite crystals, bright white oursinite needles, honey-coloured becquerelite crystals, white fibrous sklodowskite aggregates, red curite needles
Information: holotype of bijvoetite-(Y) and lepersonnite-(Gd) (IMA Catalogue of Type Mineral Specimens) // cotype of oursinite (Deliens & Piret, 1983) (holotype - n° 1321) // Deliens, M. & Piret, P., 1982. Bijvoetite et lepersonnite, carbonates hydratés d'uranyle et de terres rares de Shinkolobwe, Zaïre. Canadian Mineralogist 20, 231-238. // Deliens, M. & Piret, P., 1983. L'oursinite (Co0.86Mg0.10Ni0.04)O.2UO2.2SiO2.6H2O, nouveau minéral de Shinkolobwe, Shaba, Zaïre. Bulletin de Minéralogie 106, 305-308.
Country: Congo (RDC)       Region: Katanga       Locality: Shinkolobwe
Donors Gecamine Sampling year
Donation year 1980 Registration date
Quantity 1 Dimension code 1>2>3 2
Size 7 x 6 cm Quality code 1>2>3 1
Holotype yes Thin section no
Paratype no Chemical analysis no
Radioactive yes X-Ray spectra yes