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Quercus serrata   Thunb.
Familia : Fagaceae
Species name according to : Flora Japonica, . . . 176-177. 1784.
Accepted standard name : this name is accepted       
Quercus glandulifera Blume; Quercus glandulifera var. brevipetiolata (A. DC.) Nakai; Quercus glandulifera var. stellatopilosa W.H. Zhang; Quercus glandulifera var. tomentosa B.C. Ding & T.B. Chao; Quercus ningqiangensis S.Z. Qu & W.H. Zhang; Quercus serrata var. brevipetiolata (A. DC.) Nakai; Quercus serrata var. tomentosa (B.C. Ding & T.B. Chao) Y.C. Hsu & H.Wei Jen; Quercus urticifolia var. brevipetiolata A. DC.;

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Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Abemaki Coster (1993)
Chinese Eik dutch Coster (1993)
Hahaso japanese http://www-alnarp.stud.slu.se/~t6petlin/
Japansk ek swedish wiki
Konara japanese http://www005.upp.so-net.ne.jp/goostake/GOO/XSCNAMEK.HTM
Kunugi Coster (1993)
Nara japanese http://www-alnarp.stud.slu.se/~t6petlin/
Sawthorn oak english http://www.liberherbarum.com
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