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Sambucus mexicana   C. Presl ex DC.
Familia : Adoxaceae
Other familia : Caprifoliaceae, Sambucaceae
Species name according to : Prodromus Systematis Naturalis Regni Vegetabilis 4: 322. 1830.
Accepted standard name : Sambucus nigra L. subsp. canadensis        View taxon : SN11225
Aralia sololensis Donn. Sm.; Sambucus bipinnatus Schltdl. & Cham.; Sambucus mexicana var. bipinnata (Schltdl. & Cham.) Schwer.; Sambucus simpsonii Rehder;

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Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Mexican Elder english http://www.liberherbarum.com
SaĂșco spanish http://www.liberherbarum.com
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