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Castanea mollissima   Blume
Familia : Fagaceae
Species name according to : Museum Botanicum 1(18): 286. 1850.
Accepted standard name : this name is accepted       
Castanea bungeana Blume; Castanea duclouxii Dode; Castanea fargesii Dode; Castanea formosana (Hayata) Hayata; Castanea hupehensis Dode; Castanea mollissima var. pendula X.Y. Zhou & Z.D. Zhou; Castanea sativa Skan; Castanea sativa var. formosana Hayata; Castanea sativa var. mollissima (Blume) Pamp.; Castanea sativa var. typica Seemen; Castanea vesca Bunge; Castanea vulgaris Hance; Castanea vulgaris var. yunnanensis Franch.;

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