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Castanopsis fissa   (Champ. ex Benth.) Rehder & E.H. Wilson
Familia : Fagaceae
Species name according to : Plantae Wilsonianae 3(2): 203. 1916.
Accepted standard name : this name is accepted       
Castanopsis fissoides Chun & C.C. Huang ex Luong; Castanopsis tunkinensis (Drake) Barnett; Lithocarpus fissus (Champ. ex Benth.) A. Camus; Lithocarpus fissus subsp. tunkinensis (Drake) A. Camus; Pasania fissa (Champ. ex Benth.) Oerst.; Pasania fissa var. tunkinensis (Drake) Hickel & A. Camus; Quercus fissa Champ. ex Benth.; Quercus tunkinensis Drake; Shiia fissa (Champ. ex Benth.) KudĂ´; Synaedrys fissa (Champ. ex Benth.) Koidz.; Synaedrys tunkinensis (Drake) Koidz.;

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Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
De Che Coster (1993)
Ko Taamuu Coster (1993)
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