The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) is at the same time a museum and a research institute spread over several buildings.

Building complex


A.   The Colonial Palace is the oldest building of the museum. It accomodates a reception room and also scientific departments. The section of Geology as well as the section of Prehistory and Archeology are sheltered in the south wing. The north wing shelters the sections of Entomology and Invertebrates non-insects. 

B.    The Director's Pavilion groups together a certain number of administrative functions as the secretariat, the administration, the accounting and the human resources.

C.    The Museumbuilding is closed for renovation. See Pop-up museum

D.    In the Stanley Pavilion you find the History of the Colonial period section.

E.    The CAPA building shelters the sections of Ethnography, Ethosociology, Ethnohistory, Linguistics, Musicology, Collection Management, Wood Biology, Geomorphology, Vertebrates and ICT.
        Here you find also the central library.

F.   The building Finances shelters the section of Contemporay History.

G.   This building shelters the section of Publications.



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