The collection comprises about six million specimens and the majority of the insect orders found in Africa are represented.
The geographic emphasis is on the former Belgian colonies (D.R. Congo, Burundi, Rwanda) although for some groups there is a coverage of the whole Afrotropical region. Taxon lists for most groups are available.

The collection includes several historical and reference collections (including extensive holdings of types) such as:

  • material obtained through the surveys conducted in the national parks of the former Belgian Colony Congo (Albert, Garamba and Upemba National Parks),
  • the Carabidae (Coleoptera) collection of P. Basilewsky
  • the ants (Formicidae) from Yangambi collection of Raignier-van Boven
  • the termites (Isoptera) collection of A. Bouillon.

Several specimens from all kinds of collections are being digitised and are available online (select phylum Arthropoda for insects).

Scientific coordinator: D. Van den Spiegel
Collection managers: S. Hanot and A. Buset


Scientific coordinator: D. Van den Spiegel
Collection manager: C. Allard

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