Systematic classification of African amphibians and reptiles

herpetoOur collection has  41,000 reptiles and 200,000 amphibians mainly originating from Central Africa. Most of the specimens are preserved in alcohol and we also have skeletons and preparations with alizarin colouring to highlight bones and calcified tissue.  

Research activities:

  • herpetofauna of the Comoros archipelago,
  • faunistic study of reptiles of the Momboyo region in the DRC,
  • preparation of determination keys for Africa, of snakes and some families of lizards, 
  • computerization of collections.

We are also developing computer applications to work out distribution maps, determination keys and lists of types of specimens included in the collections.

We have numbered most of our collection of 200 000 amphibians. This is available online on  www.herpnet.org. This site gives access to herpetological collections from natural history museums around the world. 


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