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To mark the 10th anniversary of the RMCA 'FishBase and Fish Taxonomy' training session in 2014, the Museum launched a spin-off of this training in Africa: the 'Local FishBase and Fish Taxonomy' training session.


Group picture of participants (15) and tutors of the local FishBase training in Dakar (Senegal) in November 2015.

This local training, held alternately in French and English, lasts about a week. A selected FishBase alumnus is responsable for the preparation, the organisation and the execution of the training at his/her home institution, with the support of the RMCA 'FishBase for Africa' team.  

The target audience consists of 15-20 scientists from the host institution and neighbouring institutions who are enganged in the field of ichthyology.



How to apply?




The main goals of the local training, and at the same time the advantages compared to the training at the RMCA, are:

  •   to train a large group of ichthyologists in FishBase and fish taxonomy on the spot;
  •   to encourage these scientists to further develop and share the acquired skills with students and co-workers at their home institution or elsewhere;
  •   to give a FishBase alumnus the opportunity to organise a FishBase training, to share his/her experience, to promote his/her institution as a knowledge centre in the field of FishBase and fish taxonomy, and to reinforce his/her research unit;
  •  to strenghten and increase the professional network of the RMCA in Africa, and to stimulate dynamic and   fruitful collaborations between the RMCA and the host institution.

The former FishBase trainee and his/her staff are free to design a programme. The only condition is that there is a clear link with FishBase and with the training session at the RMCA.

The programme of the first edition of the local training session, organised by Khady Diouf Goudiaby at the IFAN Ch. A. Diop (Dakar, Senegal) in November 2015, is available here.


  • Call for applications

Call for applications for the 'Local FishBase and Fish Taxonomy' training session in Ngaoundéré (Cameroon) in September 2017. 

This session is for residents in Cameroon only.

(pdf - 327 kb)

  • Application form
-Application form for the 'Local FishBase and Fish Taxonomy' training session in Ngaoundéré (Cameroon) in September 2017.

This session is for residents in Cameroon only.

Download (doc - 857 kb)


  • Presentations of the local training session in Dakar (Senegal) in November 2015.
Introduction to FishBase
(pdf -  3.9 MB)
Systematics of fishes
(pdf - 1.8 MB)
Fisheries in Senegal
(pdf - 1.2 MB)
Basic principles of fisheries science
(pdf - 2.3 MB)
(pdf - 716 kB)
Systematics of fishes used in aquaculture in Africa
(pdf - 369 kB)
FishBase exercises
(pdf - 334 kB)
Population genetics
(pdf - 1.0 MB)
Fish morphology
(pdf - 1.9 MB)
Geographic Information Systems
(pdf - 2.3 MB)
Collection management
(pdf - 622 kB)
Ichthyology at RMCA and FishBase for Africa project
(pdf - 2.7 MB)
Population dynamics
(pdf - kB)


Questions regarding the local training? Please contact the 'FishBase for Africa' team (

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